Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Chase hates to take naps.  But he was more than willing to try to sleep in the dogs' bed.  The dogs weren't too sure what to do about it though. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Indoor Beehive

Indoor Hive Entrance

Although the weather wasn't pleasant today, it has been very nice the past few weeks.  Hopefully, those warm days will result in some large bee swarms this spring.  Our indoor hive is waiting for a nice swarm to decide to move in.  Alternatively, James may add a swarm he collects locally if necessary.  Already, a few scout bees have found the hive entrance and explore it daily.
Indoor Hive
(the exit is in the bottom left)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


The Field-Before

The Field-After

We spent a wonderful weekend as a family working on our garden.  Everyone helped and we got far more accomplished than we expected.  We tilled and planted 1/8 of an acre of corn.  We also planted 1/8 of an acre of watermelon, canteloupe, honey dew, pumpkin and a few varieties of winter squash.  The main garden is tilled, as well, but not planted yet.  It is only 2500 square feet.  Planting it will come in the next few weeks. The kids did an amazing job of helping out and it is great to see them so willing to work with a great attitude. 
The Main Garden-After

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wilbur and Napoleon

Wilbur is doing very well and growing daily.  And he has a new best friend.  Without Charlotte and Templeton he seemed lonely and so Napoleon has come to stay.  Napoleon is 3 weeks older but a lot bigger.  They wrestle constantly and charge around snorting and squealing as best friends will, if they happen to be pigs.  They are excited to be able to finally move outside this weekend.  The warmer weather has made it possible for them to stay outside the shed permanently.  Their pen is under the old henhouse and it will provide them plenty of shade in the hot months ahead.  The swimming pool is their favorite place to lay in the midday heat.
Hannah helps feed them every day and likes to sit and watch them.  All the kids like to climb in the new pen and pet the pigs.  They have to be careful though.  Eating is taken very seriously.  After Napoleon and Wilbur eat they aren't real huggable, as you can see below.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Buff Orpington hen setting on eggs.

We are getting up to 20 eggs a day now.  We are selling some and eating a lot.  We may get sick of them before long.  The older 3 kids each have their own breed and have each chicken named.  Carter has white leghorns.  Brenden has ameraucanas.  Hannah has Black copper marans.  And all three will tell you they have the best hens.  We also have a few Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Cuckoo Marans, Black Astralorps and some mutts.
Americauna Rooster

Black Copper Maran Rooster

Black Copper Maran Hen