Saturday, September 3, 2011


The total cost of raising the pigs, including purchase, milk replacer, feed and slaughter came to $550.18.  With a total meat return of 230 lbs the total cost is $2.39 per pound of meat.  This definitely worked out in our favor given the cost of pork currently.  Plus it was a great family experience and the children got to learn a lot about raising our own food.

The Meat- Uncured

Today we got back 129 lbs of uncured pork as listed below.  The cured meats, ham and bacon, will come back in 2 weeks.

Pork Chops- 21 packages of 6/package- 53 lbs
Pork Steaks- 7 packages- 11 lbs
Country Style Ribs- 6 packages- 14 lbs
Spare Ribs- 4 packages- 11 lbs
Sausage- 32 packages- 32 lbs
Neck Bones with meat- 4 packages- 8 lbs