Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another venture we’ve started within the last two years is the raising of Netherland Dwarf rabbits for the local pet store. With two bucks and six does, not to mention three meat rabbits and an older Mini Rex, our twelve hutches are full to overflowing. We’ve just started the spring breeding, and are expecting our next litters around April 21st. Three of our does are new and we can’t wait to see what possibilities their added genetics will bring to our rabbitry.

These are two of our ND does, an orange broken by name of Lemon Meringue (top) and a tan called Maleficent for her sunny disposition (bottom).

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Almost five years ago we had just received the meat from our two hogs, Napoleon and Wilbur, from the butcher. Now, once again, we are midway through the hog-raising adventure. Charlie (Sausage), Ham, Blaze (Ribs), Star (Bacon), and Spot (Pork) are our new pigs and we're almost ready for the first slaughter.