About the Farm

Our farm is just barely a farm at all.  It only covers 1.5 acres.  We have several varieties of chicken: black copper marans, cuckoo marans, americaunas, buff orpingtons, rhode island reds, white leghorns.  We have guineas, pigs, honeybees, rabbits and the occasional goat.  We also have two dogs, a malti-poo named Abby and a malti-zhu named Paris.

We try to plant a large garden each year, sometimes up to a quarter acre.  Our goal is to use heirloom varieties when possible.  We start many of our plants from seed.  We enjoy growing 20 or more varieties of tomatoes and 10 varieties of peppers.  We try to grow at least one new vegetable each year.

The kids help feed the animals and collect the chicken eggs each day.  They are also getting old enough to help out in the garden.