Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Wilbur and Charlotte are doing well.  Unfortunately, Templeton died last night.  He had steadily eaten less and less.  He was much smaller than the other two and had far less hair than either of them and may have been underdeveloped.  He also did not get colostrum from the mother and so was less protected than they were.  We were all disappointed but we had already warned the kids when we brought him home so they were not surprised.  Wilbur eats the most every time and is visibly growing.  Hannah made the comment tonight that she thinks he would already feed three or four people.  Brenden has been helping feed the piglets during the day when Dad is gone.  Carter and Chase love to visit the piglets but neither wants to hold them. Carter already wants to get a few more.  Dad vetoed this, knowing that if he didn't, Mom would.

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  1. Tee Hee!! Yes, I can hear (and see) her now (Just imagining what it would have been like if you had even entertained the thought!!